Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Power of a Whisper.

Book Review.
Hybels, Bill. The Power of a Whisper. Hearing God. Having the guts to respond. Zondervan. 2010
Comment. Henry.
Bill Hybels has become somewhat of a household name among evangelicals. His ministry as senior pastor of Willow Creek Community and his position as board-chair of the Willow Association that does leadership training have given him status among church leaders. In this book he makes a passionate plea for Christ-followers to become aware of and respond to how God reveals himself and his will through what he defines as “whispers”. This is a very practical, simply written handbook for godly living.
Drawing from his personal experience and the experience of those who have been a part of his extensive ministry, Bill shares about how God communicates with his children (through ‘whispers’) to provide direction, empowerment, and encouragement.
Bill presents five “filters” (98) or guidelines that will give authenticity to his ‘whispers’. “1. Is the prompting from God? 2. Is it Scriptural? 3. Is it wise? 4. Is it in tune with your own character? 5. What do people you trust most think about it? (98-105)
God’s Word is filled with whispers hidden in the text. We do well to familiarize ourselves with that Word even to the point of memorizing passages that focus on spiritual growth, e.g. salvation, assurance, temptation, guidance, wisdom, etc.
During times of extreme darkness, insurmountable challenges, we need to remind ourselves of three fundamental truths about God. “He is near. God speaks. God seeks.” (152-156). Bill shares some principles learned from God’s ‘whispers’ about parenting. Listening to fellow believers is an important part of hearing from God. He speaks to us through others.
Bill is very clear on the following; when we listen carefully for God’s whispers, hear those whispers, and respond to them, we will experience the kind of life that God has planned for us as His children.

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